Multilingual multiuser multi-blog engine.

Installer for version 0.9.1

Language / Locale

Choose a default language/locale for your b2evo installation.

How do you want to install b2evolution?

The installation can be done in different ways. Choose one:

Need to start anew?

If you have installed b2evolution tables before and wish to start anew, you must delete the b2evolution tables before you can start a new installation. b2evolution can delete its own tables for you, but for obvious security reasons, this feature is disabled by default.

To enable it, please go to the /conf/_config.php file and change:

$allow_evodb_reset = 0;
$allow_evodb_reset = 1;

Then reload this page and a reset option will appear.

This will also allow you to change your base configuration.

Base config recap...

If you don't see correct settings here, STOP before going any further, and update your base configuration.

mySQL Username: blog_jt
mySQL Password: (Set, but not shown for security reasons)
mySQL Database: blog_jt
mySQL Host: localhost

Base URL: http://blog.jovialyteam.com

Admin email: sylvestre@ecranbleu.org
official website · GNU GPL license · contact: François PLANQUE